Real Estate Funding Consultant Services


Mighty shalom consultants facilitate commercial loans outsourcing  to the clients to lenders who providing our clients the money they need to get their business or project off to good start or for further growth and or development. Our lender are investors, private lenders and hard money lenders we do not offer help with conventional loan options.

  Loan Requirements:

  1. 5 Years Tax Documents
  2. 5 Year Performa(Profits Prediction) We can help with this

depending on the type of field interested in

  1. Collateral or Money to put down.
  2. Business Plan
  3. Credit Score

Real Estate

  1. Appraisal Information
  2. Property Tax Information verify back taxes or leans

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Step one (1)

We find lenders that are interested in funding or investing
 in your project, then you(client)
Pay consultant retainer of $300 dollars?


What for? I get this question

You want funding, you have a great business plan or venture. It’s not an upfront fee we are asing for. We work for free for 2 weeks or less to discuss with my lenders who are interested in your project. We require consultant fees because we are consultants not lenders. We requirem compensation for working for you.

We have  various meetings with our lenders. We have to revise business plans and profit analysis so it can be accepted for consideration amongst many other things. $300 is merely nothing for compensation for our progress. We will be working daily for you. You stated you need funding.

I need to be compensated before we move to the next stage of the lending process. Were Consultants and the completion and success of your project is our duty and we don’t typically accept clients who caan’t qualify for funding, which is why we find you a lender before requesting our consultant fee.

  • Step two (2)
You go to the table with lender to discuss options and
lending requirements and approval information.


  • Step three (3)
You receive your funding and Pay Angel Gist or Mighty
Shalom 3% within 14 days of your transfer clearing.
Lending takes up to 14 or 30 days depending on the client’s variables.


My lenders won’t even lend to someone unwilling to pay my consultant fee because they feel as though it shows someone’s seriousness and credibility behind their desires and plans. If they won’t pay us, why would they pay them.

Request your Application and get what you need! 
serious inquiries only
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