Investing Abroad

Your investments are like vacations
you probably want to take some of them outside of your own country

If you only invest in America, you ignore about half of the investment quality stocks in the world. It’s like only looking at half the dinner menu.

We help our clients choose lucrative investment projects all over the world. From Real-estate to public transportation. We supply market research and or management required for successful implementation. We are currently managing the majority of our projects in the United States and Kenya right now. We overseer  the projects until completion.

Most people who invest abroad by buying a UK-based fund that invests in foreign shares. This gives them a diversified portfolio and means they don’t have to think about choosing specific stocks.

If the fund you want is an investment trust (also known as a closed-end fund) or an exchange-traded fund (ETF), it will be listed on the stock market, so you trade it through a stockbroker. Meanwhile,

Open-Ended Funds – known as unit trusts or open-end investment companies (OEICs) – can be bought through the fund management firm that runs the fund, through a financial advisor, or through a specialist funds broker.

Many American expats find themselves so overwhelmed by the complex rules and many horror stories they have heard about investing while living abroad that they are cowered into taking no action at all.

However, remaining with cash will not provide for a comfortable retirement for yourself or a college education for your children.  Investing efficiently and compliantly while living abroad can be daunting, but it does not have to be overwhelming.   A little research can go a long way. Qualified Consutlants can be found.  Do not give up. This is too important.

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opportunities you are interested in. 
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