Kenya Investment Opportunities

Real Estate

The country is literally building  commercial and residential Properties daily throughout the entire country. Most clients invest in the four largest cities in Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu. Making double and triple profit within 3 years. Tax free plots for the picking if you build from scratch which is usually between 5,ooo -20,000 USD. Inquire, what are you looking for? We have a team there now on the ground.

Bottled Water Business

If you are getting into water the first time the idea of operating water treatment systems can be intimidating. However, you can buy complete and simple systems that are made for small-scale water treatment and vending businesses. You do not have to be an expert to use these systems on a daily basis.
Almost all water treatment equipment suppliers will provide you and your employees with training on how to operate the equipment as part of their sales package. Many equipment suppliers will also offer equipment maintenance services. Check with the water treatment equipment supplier regarding training and maintenance before making an equipment purchase. For this reason it’s much better to buy equipment locally rather than import. Locally you are sure of almost immediate and easy support.

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Laundry Business

Management involves the process, controls, work organization, and efforts at growth. Poor management is one of the key reasons for the collapse or poor performance of a number of laundries. Management is especially a key challenge if you as the owner are not running the businesses full time and rather have employed someone to run it business for you.

In a nutshell the basic operations in laundry involve receiving clothes from customers, washing and ironing them, then the customers picking and paying. But let us look it into detail into actually what happens.
A customer brings a pair of cotton trousers and blue short. The first thing is to take clothes have a look at them, you know look at their conditions if they are torn or have some permanent sustain. This is so as to guard against the customer coming back later and saying the clothes were torn or stained at the laundry and that you should compensate him. You definitely do this without telling the customer that’s actually what you are checking lest he is disappointed that you insinuate dishonesty in him.

Second is to mention the price, and ask the customer whether he wants extra services such as ironing. It’s good to display the prices clearly. If you agree on the price then record the clothes details in the black book and the receipt book. You give the customer the original receipt and you are left with the carbon copy.

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Kenya – Petrol Station (Independent)
The very basic components of a petrol station are dispensing pumps and a tank where the fuels are stored. A bare knuckle petrol station hence could have one or two pumps and low capacity storage tanks. Nothing more.
Although such basic ‘petrol stations’ exist, in urban areas they are out of favor. One because the simple set up alone is enough to make consumers doubt the quality of the products being sold.
Secondly with the rise of more professional independents such small and basic petrol stations look crude; not only does a large section of consumers doubt the quality of the products but they also know they can’t enjoy extra services like windscreen cleaning.
Thirdly the present licensing regime is in favor of more professional petrol stations, which the bare knuckle stations have problems fulfilling. Many thus operate on the edge of the law.
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2nd Hand Clothes | Mitumba | Retail
These are based in the western countries (Europe, America) and collect the clothes from the original owners. Often they are charities and non governmental organizations. They use a variety of methods to collect the clothes.
The most common of these is by having charity shops where people can drop their unwanted clothes. Alternatively they use volunteers who move from door to door.
The charities collect the clothes to donate to those in need but more important as a source of income. They sell about 10% of the clothes they collect within their country and the rest to for profit companies in the textile recycling industry.
Because of the outsourcing of packaging there are now mitumba coming from China and Malaysia. The clothes are not originally from these locations; rather traders in Europe outsource packaging and sorting to them, and then resell from the Asian countries
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Timber Retail Business
According to the Nairobi County government the value of buildings approved in 2015
was Kshs.242.13 billion, against Kshs.228.02 billion in 2014. Of the approved plans in
2015 60.69 % or Kshs.146.95 billion were for residential buildings and 39.31 % or
Kshs.95.18 billion was for non residential buildings.
To get a picture of the value of buildings approved in a month, let’s take May 2015 as an
example. There were buildings valued at Kshs. 18.6 billion approved, compared to
Kshs.17.3 billion in April the same year. Of these Kshs.11.6 billion was for residential
buildings and Kshs.7 billion for commercial constructions.
Indeed the construction industry has been growing since 2009. In 2012 the sector
recorded a 4.8 % growth, while the total value of new private buildings completed up by
9.6 per cent from Kshs 46.4 billion in 2011 to Kshs 50.8 billion in 2012. Whereas the
output of the Kenya building and construction industry in 2014 was 13.1 %, against 5.8%
in 2013. Though the latter statistics also include public work projects like roads the
industry has been expanding.
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 Daycare Guide

significant increase in the number of women working and pursuing career goals
 Frustrations with House helps – This is by househelps leaving after a short while in
search of greener pastures, feeling that they are overworked or other personal reasons.

 Sometimes there is unavailability of househelps. Partially this is driven by a bigger
percentage of girls getting and completing school due to the free primary education
and also because there are increasingly more opportunities for self employment. For
instance one can start hawking eggs and smokies with as low as Kshs.5000.

 Negative stories about househelps – The mainstream media has carried quite a
number of stories touching on carelessness, brutality and naivety of house helps. On
social media, particularly on Facebook there are groups focused on mothers, and
some of the most discussed topics have to do with disappointments brought about by

This has made some parents and especially new parents hesitant to hire
 Government regulations – the government has been pushing for stricter regulation of
the informal workers, house helps included.
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Liquor Store | Wines and Spirits Retail

The market for Wines and Spirits has been changed rapidly since the beginning of 2013. Among the significant observations are:
Beer Prices Have Been On the Rise – Beer prices have been on the rise since January 2013 from averages of Kshs.110 per bottle to the 2014 average of Kshs.160 per bottle. This has made a significant number of consumers even in the middle income groups (Earning between Kshs.30, 000 and Kshs.200, 000) seek alternatives to beer in Wines & Spirits. Such consumers are interested in a superior drinking experience even when taking spirits. They want a comfortable, secure and trusted experience.

On the other hand the increasing beer prices means that even those in the lower income groups whose fortunes change for the better don’t shift to beer as traditionally has been the case. Since the second half of 2013 the inflation rates have on average been above 6% hitting highs of 8% in 2014. The high inflation rates have reduced the disposable income putting strain on consumers especially the lower income and lower middle income groups.

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Kenya – Gym
Poor people are unlikely to want to join a center or subscribe to a weight loss program. But that’s if you think all of Africa is poor. In fact, Africa is far from it more interesting than that. The continent is fast becoming a huge demand pool for the fitness industry.
South Africa leads the continent in the fitness industry. Available statistics show that about 60 percent of South Africa’s population is overweight. No wonder the country has the highest density of centers and health clubs on the continent.
Nairobi (Kenya) and Lagos (Nigeria) have also become booming markets for the fitness business.


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