About US

We want to shape our lives and the communities where we visit know and live, interacting into local practical action and our further engagements worldwide in our prayer networks. Also building our Nosh Program in Nakuru Kenya. There’s a lot wrong with the world, but we believe in Faith and we have hope that more people can be saved from the lake of fire.

We are optimistic that the body of the messiah is truly engaged in prayer and the difference we make in the world. Even if it’s one person at a time if necessary we will become the answer and move beyond the prayer room to engagements with a multiplicity of issues when the opportunity may arise.


Our Works:

The Goal is to build a Mission base in Nakuru, Kenya while doing The Most Highs work.

  • Prayer Ministry – In a location Mr. Byles is traveling to or in and through the internet Networks as well
    1. Group Prayer and then Men & Woman’s Prayer or Mothers & Fathers
  • Woman’s Bible Study – Online
  • Evangelizing & Teaching
    1. International and locally ( Preaching about 4 years now)
  • Children’s Ministry
    1. Kids Classes
    2. School Supplies
    3. Children’s Clothes
    4. School Fees
    5. School Lunch Program – No One Sits Hungry (NOSH)
  • Poetry Ministry
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